About MyGDX

MyGDX is a seamless data sharing ecosystem that encompasses digital governance and a secured platform to empower and enhance end-to-end (E2E) online services towards a data-driven government. The implementation of MyGDX allows classified data to be coordinated and shared more efficiently and reduces the cost of infrastructure and system integration. A shared platform makes you quicker.

MyGDX is developed based on 3 data sharing principles as stated in the Public Sector Data Sharing Policy.


Inter agency request and consent for data sharing


Secured Data Sharing

Enhancing Value

Enhancing Value to Public Services, People and the Nation

The new MyGDX platform (MyGDX 2.0) has been upgraded with security features encompassing aspects of data and cyber security, where enhancements implemented include every registered agency and user being verified through the MyGDX Portal integrated with various related agencies. Meanwhile, every subscription API approval will be verified through the agency user's digital certificate and every system accessing the MyGDX API will be verified beforehand through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.

Furthermore, all agencies must install the MyGDX component, namely the Security Server, to manage data access and retrieval. The MyGDX platform utilizes server digital certificates (SSL and TLS) and data encryption cryptography technology recognized by the National Trusted Cryptographic Algorithm List (MySEAL), Cyber Security Malaysia.

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