Architecture MyGDX 2.0

Conceptualized Distributed Architecture, Centralized Management and Monitoring. The implementation and roll-out of MyGDX is managed by MyGDX Team, JDN. All agencies need to install the MyGDX component which is the Security Server to manage data access. The API development tool that is UXP Connector is provided. MyGDX can share various types of data either in real-time or bulk data.

// About MyGDX

Features of MyGDX 2.0 Upgrade


Creation of Governing Authority (GA) functions


Availability of MyGDX extension to G2C and G2B


Adaptation of the concept of Distributed Architecture, Centralized Management and Monitoring


MyGDX manages the implementation and monitors transactions and data integration operations


Agencies implement the integration through a unified MyGDX platform


API development tools for SOAP formats


Can integrate with existing ESB


Can accept various types of existing ESB payload headers


Interoperability, scability, sustainability dan fit for purpose

// About MyGDX

Features of MyGDX 2.0 Platform

  • 99.5% availability as per SLAs set by other centralized services (MyGovCloud@PDSA, MyGovUC and MyGPKI)
  • Scalability without disrupting existing operations
  • Unmistakable transparency and traceability of transaction logs
  • Digital data sharing ecosystem management through a single portal
  • High security through the use of the latest and proven technology
  • Simplified integration development
  • Continuity of service
// About MyGDX

Features of MyGDX 2.0 Security

Uses SSL/TLS digital certificates for communication and RSA for signing transaction messages
Secure Posture Assessment (SPA) and Performance Stress Test (PST)
The agency is registered and has a verified digital certificate
Data encryption technology during transmission
The user's digital certificate is used by the portal to authenticate the individual
API endpoint URL localization to avoid revealing the actual URL

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